YGSNA members join indigenous Montréal tour

At the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal (Centre d'amitié autochtone de Montréal), Yale students met with First Nations staff and community members from across Canada.
November 18, 2013

For students in Ned Blackhawk’s seminar, the study of contemporary tribal communities came to life in a recent fall-break trip to Montréal, Canada.

The field trip was an opportunity for students in Blackhawk’s “Writing Tribal Histories” seminar to gain first-hand knowledge of Montréal’s indigenous history and heritage. The excursion was funded by an undergraduate course enhancement grant provided by the Yale College Dean’s Office.

Six undergraduates and one graduate student teaching fellow participated on the fall-break trip. They visited one of Canada’s largest urban Native Friendship Centres where they were able to see firsthand how government-funded but community-controlled facilities respond to the crisis of First Nations unemployment, homelessness, and substance abuse.

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