November 2017 News

From left to right, the cast of Sliver of a Full Moon: RaeAnn Herrera, Kholan Studi, Jenny Marlowe, Jason Grasl, Billi Jo Rich, Allison Hicks, Mary Kathryn Nagle, Rob Vestal, Jackie Schaeffer, DeLanna Studi, Jennifer Bobiwash, Duane Minard, and Rainy Fields
November 8, 2017
On November 2, 2017, the Yale Indigenous Performing Arts Program (YIPAP) presented Sliver of a Full Moon at the University of California San Diego (“UCSD”) in partnership...
YNAAC members Leah Shrestinian and Paige Johnson examine Inuit masterworks in National Gallery of Canada
November 8, 2017
During October’s Fall Break, eight members of the Yale Native American Arts Council (YNACC) and Yale Group for the Study of Native America (YGSNA) traveled to Montréal and...