Ryan Hall

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Ryan Hall received his Ph.D. from Yale in 2015, and is currently the University College Fellow in Early American History at the University of Toronto. His book manuscript, Blackfoot Country: The Indigenous Borderlands of the North American Fur Trade, 1670-1870, examines Indigenous responses to the fur trade in what became the Alberta-Montana borderlands. More broadly, he is interested in understanding the process of colonialism in early U.S. and Canadian history beyond contemporary national borders.

Ryan was the graduate coordinator for YGSNA in 2012, and also coordinated the Yale Program in Agrarian Studies.  While at Yale, he received fellowships and support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the International Council for Canadian Studies, the Newberry Library’s Consortium in American Indian Studies, and the Beinecke Library, among others.  Ryan earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma in 2008.