Holly Guise

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Holly Guise is a third year History Ph.D. student studying 20th century Alaska Native history, Alaska Native women’s history, and the fluidity and fixity of racial, cultural, and social boundaries between Natives and non-Natives.

In 2009, Holly graduated with a B.A.H. in Native American Studies and a minor in History from Stanford University, where her research focused on the formation of racial boundaries that segregated the Alaska Native population through the early 20th century and even after the 1945 Alaska Equal Rights Act. After graduation she worked for several years as a Stanford Admissions Counselor on the diversity outreach team and focused on recruiting in the Western United States and across Indian Country. 

In 2013, Holly received a predoctoral fellowship from the Ford Foundation.  She has a forthcoming article on the paradox and the lived experiences of Alaskan indigenous segregation.  Her dissertation will expand on 20th century Alaskan race relations and Alaska Native history.  She is Iñupiaq and originally from Anchorage, Alaska.