YaleNews: Presidential Visiting Fellow Stephanie Fielding Preserves and Revives Mohegan Language

Professor Stephanie Fielding, a Yale Presidential Visiting Fellow, has worked to preserve and revitalize the Mohegan language.
April 23, 2018

YaleNews​, the university’s online news service, has published an article delving into the linguistic revitalization work of Presidential Visiting Fellow Stephanie Fielding. Professor Fielding, a member of the Mohegan Tribe and a former member of the Tribe’s Council of Elders, has focused much of her work on the preservation and revitalization of the Mohegan language. Following in the footsteps of her ancestor Fidelia Fielding, the last fluent speaker of Mohegan, Professor Fielding has authored “A Modern Mohegan Dictionary” and several children’s books. At Yale, Professor Fielding has taught courses on the Mohegan language and on language revitalization.

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